Lyman Orchard Opens T-Rex Shaped Sunflower Maze

Sunflower Maze 1200

A Middlefield, Connecticut orchard is giving kids and their families the chance to go inside a dinosaur head. Lyman Orchards has cut the image of a T-Rex into their crop. From now until August 23rd, you can try to make your way out of their sunflower maze and learn some facts about dinosaurs during your journey.

“We usually get ideas from the kids at the medical center, so one of the ideas was dinosaurs, and it just happened that this year they released Jurassic Park so everyone would be thinking dinosaurs anyway,” said Lyman Orchards Executive Vice President John Lyman.

The Leon family of Miami Florida, decided to take a turn while visiting family in Woodbury, on Friday.

“I was researching places to go in Miami and we found this place and it looked really interesting,” said Vanessa Leon.

Throughout the maze there are ten posts. At each post there’s a question to help steer you in the right direction. You can pick your subject based on your age and interests.

“If you answer right it tells you to go the right way and if you answer wrong you get more lost,” Lyman explained.

Lyman said the maze is made of 350,000 sunflowers and usually takes about half an hour to complete.

“The thought of going through sunflowers is like a happy thing and it’s so nice outside, so I couldn’t think of anything better to do today,” said Tamy Do, of West Haven.

You’ll see plenty of bees buzzing around the flowers, but Lyman said your chances of getting stung are slim to none.

“By having the sterile sunflowers we don’t get the pollen, the bees won’t sting people,” he explained.

A dollar from each ticket goes to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The orchard has raised close to $60,000 for the charity in the past nine years they’ve created the sunflower maze.

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