Madison to Enforce Alcohol Ban at School Sporting Events

Madison will have an increased presence at Daniel Hand High School football games and other sporting events after some incidents involving alcohol.

First selectman Tom Banisch spoke with the police chief, school superintendent and the beach and recreation director about the plan to enforce an alcohol ban at the Surf Club, where the school plays its football games.

“We experienced some problems at last week’s home football game where alcohol was involved," Banisch said in a statement.

Police said they had a few incidents at the game and one person, an adult, was arrested.

In addition to officers who are already inside the stadium during games, there will now be officers patrolling the Surf Club and parking lots to ensure that tailgaters do not have alcohol, according to police.

Alcohol is only allowed by permit at the Surf Club from Memorial Day to Labor Day, according to the first selectman.

“This is an exciting year for our football team and it shouldn’t be ruined by a few people who have a couple of drinks and then get rowdy at the game. Let’s all work together to make this a great season for our teams in a safe environment for all the fans,” Banisch said.

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