Main Street Development is New Hot Spot in Hartford

One of Hartford's newest hot spots is a 57-unit apartment complex close to the downtown business district.  By midweek, more than 400 people had applied to live in the North End Gateway, scheduled to open for occupancy this winter.

"It's very close to downtown, so this is going to be the area to live in," said Dan Merida, one of the non-profit developers of the four-story apartment building under construction. "Not only does it have good security, but also central air conditioning, and the apartments are large," he added.  Merida said it is attracting families.

Hartford city officials took their first look at the development on Thursday.

Mayor Eddie Perez toured the site that was subsidized by the federal government.  The price tag of the project is $17 million . 

"This is a good day for this neighborhood," Perez told those gathered.  "This is one of the neighborhoods, the toughest neighborhood in the city, but we had an impact here." 

The city also built a school in the area and assisted in the development of a nearby complex with 257 units.

As construction workers continued to work at the site on Thursday, building railings and installing ceiling panels, some of the neighbors had a sneak peak.  They said they liked what they saw.  

The apartment complex is made up of modular units that were carted in by tractor trailers. One hundred and twenty-seven tractor trailer loads were used to haul the pre-built pieces from out of state.

Tenants in most of the units will have income restrictions. Twelve units, however, have been set aside for market-rate rentals.

Perez said he is hopeful the city will continue to push small projects like the North End Gateway. He said the small deals turn into big paydays for the city. 

Despite his optimism around the project at 1450 Main St., Perez said he predicts difficult overall economic conditions for the city that could last for up to 2 and a half years. 

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