Makeovers For Remarkable Women


Move over Heidi Klum, there are some new women rocking the runway! These fabulous ladies are the end result of a little TLC.

The Pure Platinum salon in New Haven wanted to do something special for its grand opening. So it gave free makeovers to the women who deserve them most, women who are battling cancer and the nurses who support them.

"Between surgeries, chemotherapy and doctor's visits, you know I'm a fun loving girl, and I had to get out, and I haven't gotten out much, so this has been fun for me, a lot of fun," said Roseanne Thornton of Naugatuck, who is battling cancer for the fifth time.

The women got the royal treatment which included a little makeup, some new clothes and a new do, which made for some stunning before and afters.

"I'm just starting to grow my own hair back now after cancer and chemo treatment, and Vicki the owner actually came with me to the wig shop to pick out a wig that would suit me, so it's been nice. She highlighted it, styled it, and it looks natural," said Jennifer Thomas, who has been receiving treatment for breast cancer.

The salon wanted to make sure the women knew just how beautiful they are, even when they're not feeling their best.

"When you don't look good, you don't feel good, and when you don't feel good, you just don't feel good, but if you look good, you feel a little better, so we wanted to do that for these ladies, and it's been huge! They're amazing," said Vicki Frenzel, owner of Pure Platinum.

And they look amazing, too!

"I feel young again. I was very apprehensive at first, but my daughter talked me into it, and I'm really glad I did it now. I feel so much better," said Lucille Robillard, who is battling kidney cancer.

So Fashion Week take note! There are some strong, sexy women stealing the spotlight!

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