Man Ran Craigslist Puppy and Kitten Scam: Police

Hartford police have arrested a man they say was running a Craigslist scam offering to sell puppies and kittens.

Quincy Wilson, 22, of East Suffield was arrested on Groton Street Monday.

According to police, Wilson would advertise the animals on Craigslist and then would meet up with potential buyers.  When money was exchanged, Wilson would take off without turning over a puppy or kitten, police said.

Detectives have been investigating the alleged scam for two months.

"We were able to catch the suspect as he was taking the money there was obviously no cat or puppy for sale," said Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

The latest ad on Craigslist read "re-homing Persian cat small re-homing fee." The ad called it "urgent" because the seller said he was joining the army. according to police.

"He’s targeting people that are essentially going to be suckered into this thing, who are ripe to be victims," said Foley.

Wilson is charged with criminal attempt to commit larceny and criminal trespass.

Police are also investigating fraudulent concert ticket sales in the same area.  They expect to make additional arrests.

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