Men Honored with Carnegie Medal After Rescuing Hartford Police Officer

Marvin Dixon recalls the moment after he walked into an apartment in the building where he works as the maintenance supervisor in Hartford. There, he found 34-year-old Hartford police officer Jill Kidik in the fight of her life.

“Just seen two human beings struggling and one causing just so much pain and I just wanted to end it,” said Dixon. “I seen…I seen the officer try to get back up and try to instruct my fellow associate, try to instruct him how to help her survive.”

On May 17, 2018, Kidik was called to the apartment of 39-year-old Chevoughn Augustin for a landlord tenant dispute over property damage. Augustin is accused of choking and stabbing Officer Kidik several times in the neck before Dixon arrived. When he got there, he pulled Augustin off of Kidik. He and his coworker, Jose Casanova of New Britain, are credited with saving Kidik’s life.

Dixon and Casanova are two of just 19 Carnegie Hero Fund medal recipients this year. The award is given out to civilians who demonstrate extraordinary acts of heroism by knowingly putting their life on the line to save another. The prestigious award has been given out since 1904.

“I don’t believe I am a hero. I just believe that I did just a normal…I just feel like I acted as anyone would act, I believe,” he said. “I am grateful and thankful I was actually there to actually be able to do something.”

Dixon called his wife to share what happened immediately after the incident. Though his bravery wasn’t a surprise, she could never have imagined what would unfold when she sent him off to work that day.

“He’s definitely a maintenance supervisor so I didn’t expect him to be saving a human’s life there. I’m definitely very proud of him. He’s definitely a hero in my eyes. He always has been,” said Amanda Statkiewicz.

Dixon joins a distinguished list of Carnegie recipients at a time when some say more bravery needs to be highlighted.

“We’re in a cynical time. We don’t really believe that heroes exist. Marvin Dixon shows that heroes are all around us,” said Sen. Matt Lesser, (D) Cromwell, who arranged for Dixon to received his medallion in a special ceremony at Cromwell City Hall on Wednesday.

“This is just an incredible story of an ordinary man who did something he didn’t have to do which was put his own life at risk to save an officer,” Lesser added.

“We talk so much about division today and what separates us but you are truly the embodiment of what makes us Americans,” said Rep. Christie Carpino, (R) Cromwell.

Carpino pinned a flag on Dixon’s lapel after the ceremony, during which he also received a key to the town and a proclamation marking August 7th Marvin Dixon Day in Cromwell. Carpino said Dixon represents the best of what American is about.

“He acted without hesitation, put himself in danger and saved the life of an individual that he hadn’t ever met,” she said. “It is wonderful to celebrate a true hero and somebody who actually puts his life before others.”

Casanova, who pulled the knife out of Augustin’s hands, and provided life-saving first aid to Officer Kidik, is also a Carnegie Medal recipient this year.

Along with the medallion, there is a $5,000 financial award, which Dixon says he plans to use for his children’s college fund.

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