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Missing Wisconsin Teen's Picture on Billboard on I-84 in Waterbury

Monday marks one week since a Wisconsin teenager vanished.

Despite more than 1,000 tips, there’s still no sign of Jayme Closs, whose parents were found dead.

Now people across the nation, including in our state, are being asked to help find her.

Drivers on I-84 west in Waterbury can now spot a picture of the 13-year-old who has disappeared.

Now on digital billboards here and across the nation, Jayme Closs’ case now tops the FBI’s Missing Persons list.

"I never give up hope. But with each passing day, it seems no new clues. No new leads. So it's hard to have that hope. But we pray," said Mary Jean Smith of Barron, Wisconsin.

This is a difficult time for people in the Closs’ hometown in Wisconsin.

It was about a week ago 911 records reveal someone kicked down the family’s front door and shot and killed Jayme’s parents.

"We prayed for the parents who are deceased that they are in the hands of God. And for the little girl, that she comes home safe," said Smith.

No major clues in Jayme’s disappearance have been shared publicly.

Now this local search has gone nationwide for the girl who many fear is in danger and is not suspected in her parents’ death.

She is described as being five-feet tall, one hundred pounds, with blonde hair and green eyes.

“It's been very hard, because with a death, there's finality. But there is no finality right now. Everybody's just wondering what-ifs and what where can she be and how do we move forward?" said Kim Frandsen of Barron, Wisconsin.

If you can help, give the FBI a call.

Another update from law enforcement is planned for Monday afternoon.

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