Mother Suing East Hartford After Alleged Police Officer Assault

A woman is planning to sue East Hartford after her son was allegedly struck repeatedly by one of the town’s police officers.

“It was an experience that I don’t want any mother to experience,” said Karla Huaman.

Huaman said her 12-year-old son suffered numerous face and neck injuries at the hands of an East Hartford officer.

“It was very hard to watch my child be treated that way, and I couldn’t do anything about it,” Huaman said.

Huaman’s attorney, Jim Brewer, said the alleged assault happened at the family’s home on Nov. 15.

“You have the mother screaming ... and that officer’s punching him at the same time in the face and stomach,” said Brewer.

The mother wasn’t the sole witness. The state Department of Children and Families confirmed a social worker who was at the family’s home to pick the boy up for a court-ordered psychological evaluation also witnessed the incident.

Brewer said the boy suffers from depression and anxiety and refused to leave. That’s when the social worker called police, and Officer Woodrow Tinsley arrived, telling the boy to get dressed quickly.

When the boy said he needed more time, things quickly escalated, , Brewer said.

“The officer shoves the coffee table. … Throws it out of the way, grabs the kid by the arm, lifts him up, and puts him into a headlock,” Brewer said.

The boy was taken to the hospital for his injuries. He’s now at home, recovering.
Huaman said her fight is just beginning.

“I want justice to be done. That’s all I’m looking for,” said Huaman.

The East Hartford Police Department confirmed that internal affairs and criminal investigations have been initiated. The officer in the case has been placed on administrative leave.

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