Mother's Day

Mother's Day Looking a Little More Normal This Year

Restaurants and florists are busy keeping up with Mother's Day demand.

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, people are looking forward to doing things they couldn’t last year, some things as simple as seeing their mom in person.

Restaurants are among the most popular Mother’s Day destinations. Last year though, instead of fine china, mom’s special meal was presented in Styrofoam containers.

“It was tough doing only takeout,” said Miguel Proano, co-owner of the Blue Plate Kitchen restaurant in West Hartford.

Celebrating mom this year will be a little closer to normal. Reservations are filling quickly and restaurants are gearing up for a busy weekend.

“We’re hearing the phone ring off the hook. People are getting excited to come out,” said Blue Plate Kitchen co-owner Carlina Fontaine.

People like Janet Evans of West Hartford are excited and say this year’s Mother’s Day experience comes with a sense of hope.

“There’s finally sort of a feeling that maybe we are going to get back to normal,” Evans said.

Another sign this could be a more typical Mother’s Day is the scene at Hartford’s House of Flora. Florists are busy, but still the pandemic is having an effect.

“Compared to last year, it’s way up in sales. However, it’s hard to get a hold of flowers,” said House of Flora owner Richard Brancifort.

Because some growers in the U.S. and South America have been affected by the pandemic, there is a flower shortage.

“Some florists can’t get flowers, and this is nationwide. It’s not just here,” said Brancifort.

Still, people are buying flowers and plants. Regan Stein of West Hartford said she is planning a quiet day with her grown son to do a little planting to usher in spring’s awakening.

“We’re all filled with a lot more hope. And I think that’s what the spring has brought,” said Stein.

Aside from brunch and perhaps a hand-delivered bouquet, there is something else people are looking forward to that they might not have been able to do last year: giving their mom a big hug.

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