National Night Out Brings Communities Together

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National Night Out is an event that takes place in cities and towns across the state and across the country. It’s something a lot of families look forward to every year.

From the bounce house to the food, there’s always a lot to see and do. It’s a way to meet neighbors and the people who serve the community.

With everything from exercise challenges to shooting hoops to chalk drawing, everyone found something that caught their eye Tuesday night. At New Britain’s National Night Out, people converged on Central Park and met first responders while also learning a little bit about what they do. Kids practiced dusting for fingerprints like the pros, and a crash simulator showed why it’s so important to buckle up.

It’s a chance for residents and first responders to get to know one another and have some fun.

In Hartford people gathered at Lozada Park in the Clay Arsenal neighborhood. Last year’s event didn’t happen due to the pandemic. After conversations with the health department, and with plenty of masks available in case people couldn’t social distance, the event was a go.

“A great night where the community comes together with law enforcement officers for a night of fellowship, food, fun, celebration. Getting to know one another in more of a relaxed setting,” said City of Hartford Community Engagement Director Janice Castle.

Several lucky kids won a free bike thanks to 9-year-old Cooper Brown and his classmates. They asked for donated bikes, cleaned them up, and handed them out.

“It makes me feel really good because I’m like helping kids that probably thought they’d never get a bike,” said Brown.

In addition to National Night Out strengthening the relationship between police and residents, it’s also a way to let families know about the resources available, a chance to get to know other families, and a way to give back.

“Gives the neighborhood an opportunity to see who is where, who lives next door. So when you’re passing on the street, someone will say hello to you instead of just walking on by,” said Bea Powell, Founding Chairperson of Clay Arsenal.

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