Newly Released Video Provides Clues About Soldier's Murder

A New Britain mother wants answers about the murder of her son, a soldier, five years ago in Springfield, Mass. Now investigators have taken new steps to find his killer.

The Hampden District Attorney just released surveillance video that captured the crime the night of Feb. 22, 2009. You can see Julian Cartie walking by the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield with his family and friends. Seconds later, he’s shot three times, and the group rushes over to help him.

“When this person took my son's life, he took my soul,” said Marie Busque, Cartie’s mother, who said his family in New Britain can't get past the devastating loss. "As a mother, it’s just heart wrenching to know something like this would happen to your child."

Busque said her 25-year-old son had just finished basic training for the National Guard and was months away from a deployment to Afghanistan.

“My son was an army-strong individual who was just starting his life," she said. "It was just snatched away for no reason."

Years later, Cartie's family still doesn't know who pulled the trigger or what exactly led to this.

Police said Cartie was leaving a bar when a car pulled up to him and an argument ensued. A man got out of the vehicle, opened fire and took off in a blue sedan.

“It's been five years and still no answers. I need somebody to talk,” said Damon Peterson, Cartie's brother.

His loved ones said they hope anyone who was there that night remembers something and speaks up so police can identify a suspect.

“My hearts always going to be empty for my son,” Mary Busque said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Springfield Police Department.

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