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New Canaan Community Reacts to Fotis Dulos Suicide

The future of the five Dulos children was among the chief concerns of the New Canaan community.

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In the eight months since Jennifer Dulos went missing, those in her New Canaan community have shown deep concern. Months of searching led to frustration and grief. Friday, those emotions remain as they process the news of Fotis Dulos’ death.

“I feel like he wanted to take himself out of the equation almost and couldn’t handle the stresses of what his life is gonna look like,” said Katherine Singer of New Canaan.

Since her disappearance May 24, the focus in New Canaan has centered on Jennifer, a mother of five and community member.  Despite endless searches around the state, she has not been found and is presumed dead by police. The question has been, "what happened?” That question is still to be answered.

“It’s so much more difficult without access to him because he has the first hand knowledge of what happened,” said New Canaan resident Paul Pureka.

In New Canaan, a combination of emotions prevail.

“Mixed feelings certainly but maybe it’s a better ending than a long drawn out trial,” said Kathy Lejacq, “especially for the children’s sake.”

The five Dulos children have been living with their grandmother since Jennifer Dulos went missing May 24.

On June 2, just one day after Fotis Dulos was arrested on charges of tampering with evidence, Jennifer Dulos’ mother Gloria Farber filed a motion for custody of the children. She was granted temporary custody on July 25 and has been guardian to the children in her New York City home.

“It must not be easy,” said Singer, praising Farber’s efforts. “There’s tremendous feelings of support that go out to her.”

Within the New Canaan community, closure is uncertain. There is still grief for Jennifer Dulos. As for the children, the people here seem to have a unified hope.

“(I hope) That they can somehow move past this as best as possible and become what they’re meant to be in their lives,” said Singer.

Lejacq agreed. “(I hope) they get love and care and it sounds like they will.”

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