New Haven Business Owners Brace for Storm

The timing of the storm is good news for commuters, but not for business owners on the shoreline who say it could have an impact on their bottom line.

Inside Wave Gallery on Chapel Street, they have already made the calls to employees who live within walking distance to make sure someone can come in if the weather gets bad.

“We just kind of watch because depending on what the roads are doing that could determine if we have to close early,” sales associate Jessica French said.

Wave Gallery has been in New Haven for 30 years so employees are prepared for winter storms, they just wish the snow was not falling on one of their busiest days of the week.

“It certainly hurts us,” French said. “Weekends are the bread and butter because that’s the most time where people are off from work and wandering around.”

Inside Tarry Lodge restaurant, they say they are not concerned the snow will keep customers away, but the parking ban could have an impact. The ban goes into effect Saturday at midnight and lasts until midnight Sunday.

“The parking bans really create a scenario where people don’t know really where to go or what to do, so that’s the only challenge with the weather,” general manager Steve Bayusik said. “We’re not that worried because once they get here, there’s plenty of Bolognese for everyone.”

The snow means more dough at Est. Est. Pizza in New Haven. They say delivery sales go up roughly 50 percent.

“We get hammered,” Chris Stackpole, an employee said. “We’re busier when it snows than when it’s fair weather.”

No matter what way you slice it, businesses in New Haven say they will be ready for anyone willing to brave the snow.

“There’s retail therapy,” French said. “Who wants to be cooped up? There’s only so many hours you can be stuck in the house before you go nuts.”

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