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New Haven Seeks Volunteers for Medical Reserve Corps

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The number of coronavirus cases in New Haven continues to rise,  and city officials are doing their best to prepare for the worst.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker said the city’s total coronavirus cases continue to rise, and he believes some of the major strain health care systems are experiencing in harder hit places could happen in New Haven if they do not prepare.

He’s calling on everyone who can offer help to step up.

“We really need everyone to be chipping in right now,” Elicker said.

In particular, they’re hoping to hear from people with experience in health care. They’re launching a medical reserve corps, and seeking volunteers.

“The most important thing is people with some sort of health background. People that are EMTs, people that are nurses, people that are health technicians, people that are doctors, retired folks.  We’re looking for people that have some sort of experience,” he said.

After undergoing training, the city said corps volunteers will provide medical screenings, track patients, support medical countermeasures and help in public health activities.

Elicker said the goal is to have a team of people ready to assist the health care sector when a surge of new COVID-19 cases arrives.

“We’ve seen in New York and are starting to see in Fairfield County what we’re going to see in New Haven,” he said.

Volunteers can sign up on the city’s website, which directs them to the Department of Public Health’s statewide database.

Because no one can predict when the peak of the crisis will hit Connecticut, the mayor said the city has to get ready now, and the best way to prepare is to call on citizens to help their neighbors.

“We’ll be experiencing this at different degrees for many months.  We’re looking for in the public is people that are willing to help in all different types of ways,” Elicker said.

Volunteers for the corps must be at least 18 and will have to go through training. The city is looking for volunteers who can work in shifts around the clock.

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