No New Completion Deadline for Dunkin' Donuts Ballpark

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and DoNo Hartford LLC Manager Jason Rudnick told reporters Tuesday that no new deadline has been set for "substantial completion" of Dunkin' Donuts Park.

The two spoke separately after a meeting was held at Hartford City Hall with Centerplan, DoNo Hartford LLC, the city, and Arch Insurance, the company that holds the surety on Dunkin' Donuts Park, an insurance policy.

Rudnick attended the meeting with his company's representatives, while Bronin sent legal counsel to the meeting.

Neither Bronin nor Rudnick would go into specifics as to what was discussed at the meeting.

“It was a broad ranging conversation but it was a productive conversation and the important thing is to keep things moving and I think everyone who is a stakeholder in this wants to see a stadium done and we’d like to see it done as quickly as possible" Bronin said.

Rudnick was succinct, saying, “We’re finishing the stadium. That’s what the discussion was about today."

According to the January agreement that laid out the May 17 substantial completion date, DoNo would owe $50,000 for the first day the stadium was late and $15,000 for each subsequent day up to a maximum of $250,000.

Rudnick said workers are committed to completing the project and added that, "lawyers will do their thing." He said 95 percent of the park is complete and the final touches left are paint, tiles, and carpeting in sections.

“Every single day we are closer to finishing the ballpark. Every single day people are working. Every single day improvements continue to happen. I walked through there again today and the progress even through the course of the weekend is incredible," Rudnick said.

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