No Real Damage, But Still No Power

Some residents in North Haven don't know why the power is still out.

Mike McGarry spent part of the morning out mowing the lawn and working outside, because inside his Buell Street home, he's been without power for six days now. He thought the lights went out when a massive tree came down a few streets over.

“That came down on the main power lines and bent a couple of poles, I figured once they had that back up and running we'd be good to go, and that was two days ago,” said McGarry.

And nothing has changed over on Buell Street. McGarry says Comcast has been out to refuel its generators, but United Illuminating has been nowhere in sight.

“If the problem is here on Buell Street, or near Buell Street, why haven't I seen them around here? So frustration is starting to build,” said McGarry.

The power situation depends on where you live. On Whitney Avenue, the power is on, but just a few feet away at the Whitney Avenue Church of Christ, the power is off, and it's been off for days.

“You don't realize what you have until you don't have it, then you find out everything you do is connected to electricity,” said Denise Holmes, who is with the church. “We have no understanding of why the power is out, where is the problem, and I haven't heard anything about when the problem will get fixed.”

Neighbors say the latest estimate from UI is Tuesday. They're hoping it's sooner, but are still keeping everything in perspective. After all, they say losing power is nothing compared to what some in the state are living through.

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