Norwich Free Academy Offering Support to School Community After Student's Death

norwich free academy
NBC Connecticut

The Norwich Free Academy community is mourning the loss of a student after school officials announced their sudden death.

Superintendent Brian M. Kelly said the school is offering drop-in counseling areas that provide a safe space for students to share feelings and talk to others.

"Please be mindful that anyone may be impacted by this loss, regardless of a direct connection to the student. We are prepared -- and will continue -- to offer support on campus, but it’s important for you to know our students may benefit from additional support outside of school, too," Kelly said in a statement.

The school is adjusting their Thanksgiving break because of the community's loss. Students and staff will have Wednesday through Friday off to spend more time with family, returning to school on Monday.

"In a moment like this, the strength of our school community is evident in the support we can provide each other," Kelly said.

This is the school community's second loss this year, they said.

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