One of the UConn Students Accused of Yelling Racial Slur on Campus Appears in Court

One of the two UConn students accused of yelling racial slurs on campus earlier this month was in court on Wednesday and had his case continued.

Police said surveillance video near the Charter Oak Apartments on October 11 led them to arrest Jarred Karal and Ryan Mucaj.

Investigators said the men walked back through the apartment complex after leaving a local business and played a game where they yelled vulgar words.

As they walked through the parking lot, Karal and Mucaj switched to saying racial slurs and that was heard by witnesses.

A third person was with them as they walked outside of the apartments, but police said they determined he did not participate in the behavior.

According to authorities, Mucaj didn't recall saying a racial slur, but Karal admitted it and apologized.

Both men face a charge of ridicule related to various categories including race.

Mucaj was in court on Monday and had his case continued until December 19. Karal is expected in court next month.

UConn has said an administrative investigation is also underway. Both students are still enrolled at the school.

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