Owner of Dirt Bike That Was Stolen in West Hartford Has Message for Thief

A young man who lives in West Hartford is sending a message to the thieves who stole his dirt bike. He says it meant much more to him than they know.

Travis Marks’s bike was stolen out of his garage on Fairview Street earlier this month. He was in Boston, getting difficult news about his dad, Joel.

“We realize that the tumor had gotten worse and it had developed into stage four brain cancer,” Marks said. “It was kind of sudden and a shock to my family. We weren’t really expecting it, so it’s been hard.”

Marks decided right away to sell his dirt bike.

“I thought we could put this bike to better use,” he said. “I could take them on a trip, take my brothers. Those memories are worth more than the physical bike.”

The very next day, he realized his bike was gone.

“Someone broke into my garage,” Marks said. “They cut the lock off of it and they took it from me. The day before, I knew I was going to sell it for my dad. I have been living there for year and had no issues of break-ins or anything. I was just shocked at how the timing lined up. I guess when it rains it pours,” he said.

Marks said he keeps checking online for his bike, but doesn’t expect to get it back. He has a message for the people who stole it.

“I’m just disappointed," Marks said. “It’s not that they stole a piece of machinery from me. Took away and opportunity for me that is an intangible kind of thing. I can’t even put a price on it. It’s just the experience I’m going to be missing.”

While his father’s prognosis right now doesn’t look good, Marks says this won’t stop him from making the most of their time together. He is a young, working professional and said he plans to save up for a ski trip out west any way he can.

“It’s put into perspective what’s important to me,” said Marks. “At the end of the day, I lost a dirt bike, but I can still visit my dad and I realize how important that is now.”

West Hartford police are investigating.

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