Mother and Child Hit by Car in Meriden While Waiting for School Bus

A mother and her 3-year-old son were hit by a car in Meriden Friday while waiting for another child to be dropped off by the bus.

It happened at Summer and Wood streets. Police said the 3-year-old was airlifted to Connecticut Children's Medical Center. The mother was also taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Police said the boy had "significant injuries" and that when the fire department arrived the child was under the car.

The driver that hit them is cooperating.

Police said the car that hit the victims was passing a van when the crash happened.

"At that point the van began to take a left turn onto the street here and the person behind them decided they were taking a left turn. Instead of hitting the brake they hit the accelerator. Because it looks like we have a little speed here," said Lt. Thomas Cossette, the commander of the Accident Reconstruction Unit.

Cheyenne Valentin was waiting for her cousin to get off the bus and saw the crash happen.

“I saw two cars coming at the same time down the street and they almost collided but at the last second the other one pulled out and unfortunately struck two people that were standing by waiting for the bus to pick up their kids,” she said. “I immediately ran over mostly concerned because there was a child involved and so I was mostly concerned for both of their well beings so I ran over and very good pedestrians came by and help lifted the car and pull the son out."

Neighbors say speeding is a problem in the area and hope that drivers will slow down.

"It all comes down to people being a lot safer behind the wheel. Everybody seems to be in a hurry to go nowhere fast nowadays and this is a classic case of that. Didn’t have to happen,” said Lt. Cossette.

The investigation is ongoing and police said charges are likely.

NBC Connecticut has a crew on scene and will provide details as they come into the newsroom.

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