Police Investigate After 2 German Shepherds Are Abandoned in Glastonbury

Glastonbury police are investigating why two German Shepherds were abandoned within 24 hours at Riverfront Park on Welles Street, and who left them behind. 

Police said they believe the incidents are connected and they have leads as to who is responsible. 

Both dogs have been taken to the Glastonbury pound until their owners claim them or they can be adopted in September. 

Glastonbury Police Sgt. Corey Davis said both dogs were abandoned and reported to animal control officers at different times. 

The first dog was abandoned Sunday night without food or water. The second was abandoned Monday morning and left with a garbage bag of food, a bowl and a jug of water. 

“Unfortunately, instead of doing things the proper way, they believe that if they just leave them at the dog park that some other dog lover will find the dog and take it home,” said Sgt. Davis, who advises anyone who can no longer take care of their pet to contact their local animal control officer. 

Glastonbury resident Kate O’Neil said she was stunned to hear both dogs were abandoned at the dog park. 

“I can’t imagine just leaving – I mean, look at these faces,” O’Neil said. “You know? How could you look in those eyes and walk away?” 

When O’Neil’s parents passed away years ago, she took their dogs to the humane society to find a new forever home. 

“It costs you nothing,” she said. “You can walk away feeling good knowing that your dog is in good hands," O’Neil said, adding that there are better choices than to just abandon them.

If you have any information about who is responsible, call Glastonbury Animal Control at 860-633-7227.

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