Police Take Rowayton Cowboy Into Custody

Scott P. Merrell is known as the Rowayton Cowboy and he’s spurred some trouble. He called himself a political prisoner as he was handcuffed on Tuesday after refusing to leave his house after a foreclosure.

Merrell, who ran for mayor of Norwalk twice, according to the Norwalk Hour, was arrested on Tuesday morning, charged with trespassing.

He failed to pay a court-ordered use and occupancy payment to the new owner of his old house, the Hour reports.  He insists that he paid taxes based on the value of the home.

“I’ll volunteer to be arrested,” a clearly agitated Merrell, wearing a cowboy hat, said.

 “The state of Connecticut is a police station,” he said, holding his hands up. “Put me in jail for being a homeowner. … Remember, it took one women who had the morale courage not to get on the back of the bus.”

See the video on the Norwalk Hour Web site.

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