Portland Cancels Annual Fireworks Show

For the first time in decades the town of Portland is canceling their fireworks show because of a lack of funding.

Firework committee members said they fundraise all year. This year they fell short.

"You need $30,000. We're $20,000 dollars short," said First Selectwoman Susan Bransfield.

The free event ran for 20 years members said. Members raise money through bake sales, selling trinkets, and donations.

"It's a big part of the community," said Portland resident Mari Quintiliani.

The $10,000 raised will go to next year’s fireworks show, members said.

"We're just going to fight harder and make sure we have a great show for 2017," said Bransfield.

Portland isn’t the only town struggling for money to host fireworks events. The city of Meriden was $10,000 short for their show until they received a donation from Frontier Communications, and the annual Riverfest celebration in Hartford and East Hartford was canceled when the cities could not afford to cover the cost of overtime for police and fire services.

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