Q&A: Attorney Discusses Employers Requiring Covid-19 Vaccines

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The state's decision to require Covid-19 vaccinations is something you might be seeing more of. According to a report of jobs site Indeed, the number of job postings that list Covid-19 vaccines as a requirement spiked 34% from July to August.

The number of postings that said vaccines were required, but did not specify which ones, rose 90% over that same time period. Zachary D. Schurin is an attorney with Pullman & Comley and much of his work focuses on employment-related issues. He sat down with NBC Connecticut's Dan Corcoran to discuss the issue.

Dan: “Should we be surprised about the vaccination requirements that more private companies now have for their new hires?”

Schurin: “No, I don't think so. I think that this is a trend that we're going to see continue. Most private employers have their employees hired on an at-will basis that gives them the right to mandate vaccinations for employees with certain exceptions.”

Dan: “What does putting the vaccine requirement on the job listing say about how seriously these businesses are taking this?”

Gov. Lamont announced Thursday he will sign an executive order requiring state employees and all K-12 teachers and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Schurin: “I think it clearly suggests that employers see this as a very important requirement going forward, as the pandemic continues with the emergence of the Delta variant. Clearly, I think it's something that employers have on their mind. I think maybe with prospective employees, it's perhaps easier to have those new people mandated to get the vaccination, as opposed to existing employees, which gets a little trickier, I would say.”

Dan: “One thing that employers and employees want is stability. Do these companies that you're hearing from think that a vaccinated workforce is the path to that stability?”

Schurin: “I think many of them do think that that is the path forward. I think it depends on the industry and the clientele that the business is serving, but certainly I think many employers feel that having everyone vaccinated, with some exceptions, is a safe way forward that benefits the entire workforce and clients, customers, etc.”

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