Rabid Skunk Found in Cheshire

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Police are warning Cheshire residents to watch for signs of rabies in wild animals after finding a rabid skunk on Avon Boulevard.

Skunks and raccoons are nocturnal animals that occasionally emerge to feed during the day, police said.

Skunks, raccoons, woodchucks, foxes and coyotes that exhibit secondary signs of neurological illness such as lack of coordination, head tremors, dragging of the back legs, tipping over, excessive vocalization or excessive friendliness or aggression toward people and domestic pets should be immediately reported to animal control or to police.

Residents should immediately remove pets and children from an area where a wild animal has been spotted and exercise caution when tracking the animal while waiting for animal control or the police department to respond, officials said.

Residents should be sure their pets their pets are vaccinated against rabies and take every precaution to ensure their pets do not come into contact with wildlife.

Any wild animal that has contact with a domestic pet should be reported to Animal Control at 203-271-5590.

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