Rattlesnakes Found in Backyard in Glastonbury

The timber rattlesnake is one of the two venomous species in this state and two of them were found in a backyard in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury police posted on Facebook that the animal control officer relocated the snakes from the back yard of a home on Moutainview Road.

Police said the timber rattlesnake is protected by the Connecticut Endangered Species Act and it is illegal to kill or collect them.

Anyone who sees one is urged to calmly and slowly back away from it and allow the snake to go on its way. 

Glastonbury residents concerned about rattlesnakes in their yards should call 860-633-8301.

Learn more here about timber rattlesnakes from the state DEEP site.  

Snakes in Connecticut

Fourteen species of snakes are native to Connecticut.

The only other venomous species found in Connecticut is the northern copperhead. 

See the state DEEP site to identify the types of snakes in Connecticut.

The snakes native to Connecticut inlcude:

  • Common Gartersnake
  • Northern Brownsnake
  • Common Ribbonsnake
  • Northern Copperhead
  • Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
  • Northern Watersnake
  • Eastern Milksnake
  • Northern Redbelly Snake
  • Eastern Ratsnake
  • Northern Ring-necked Snake
  • Eastern Wormsnake
  • Smooth Greensnake
  • Northern Black Racer
  • Timber Rattlesnake








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