Ready for Nature Unleashed?

Panel discusses response to inevitable disaster.

The Connecticut Science Center unveiled "Nature Unleashed" on June 1, the same day Nature unleashed tornadoes just a few miles up the Connecticut River in Massachusetts.

Now, in "Are We Ready for Nature Unleashed?", the center convened a panel of disaster response experts.

"The government has to have been thinking about those disasters," said Sen. Joseph Lieberman, (I-Connecticut). He fears Congress will cut spending on defense and homeland security, his pet project as a Senate committee chairman.  "And we're unwilling to touch programs like Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, which are great programs. But they're eating up more and more of the federal budget."

Others on the panel said personal disaster preparedness is crucial, no matter how the government responds.

"It's not if a major event happens, it's when," said Jeff Butler, president of Connecticut Light and Power.  He urged people to prepare to go two or three days without power.

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