Report Ranks UConn President's Compensation 21st for Public University Presidents

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a list of compensation for university executives and says UConn president Susan Herbst is the 21st best-paid public university president. 

The publication lists Herbst’s compensation for 2016-2017 at $823,907, which includes a base pay of $627,716.

James Ramsey, of the University of Louisville, is the top-paid public university official, with a compensation of nearly $4.3 million for 2016-2017. See the full list here.

A statement from UConn said $23,191of Herbst’s compensation is the share the state pays for Herbst’s insurance, so it is not paid in cash to her.

Of the 20 schools that have presidents with higher total compensation than Herbst, most have lower U.S. News & World Report rankings than UConn, the university said by email.

U.S. News & World Report lists UConn 56th among national universities, while the University of Louisville is ranked 165th.

The report ranks The University of Florida 42nd and Ohio State 54th

Penn State, the Texas university system and the University of North Carolina system are broken up among campuses in the U.S. News & World Report rankings

UConn said the university stands out among the others because of the multiple campuses, as well as other entities.

“Many of the schools with higher compensation packages also do not have the added complexities of operating a health center, multiple campuses, medical and dental schools, etc.,” a UConn official said.

UConn added that Herbst’s compensation does not “individually or adversely” affect the UConn budget and senior administrative salaries represent the smallest slice of UConn’s personnel budget at 2 percent.

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