New Years Day

Runners Kick Off New Year's Day With a Fun Run in Meriden

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To kick off the new year, folks in Meriden were out and about and getting their exercise on right in Hubbard Park.

This is all part of the Meriden Running Club and Parks & Recreation Department's first New Year Fun Run! It’s a 3.1 mile journey around the parks reservoir that also included a kids race. 

But for many of the runners, it’s more than just about doing a 5k. It’s about starting the year off on the right foot.

Derek Destefano is the co- founder of the 5k and is an avid runner. “It’s great to be up early and ya know, just that mindset to start off the new year fresh and get active," he said.

For some, the new year made this new run enticing. “When I woke up this morning I felt just..ah it’s a new year, I felt great,” said runner Salvatore Lanzofano. “I’m most looking forward to like anybody else returning to normalcy.”

On what was a pretty mild morning for January 1st, runners ran with motivation - disappearing into the fog knowing that they were helping a great cause. 

Before everything kicked off, participants brought clothing items to donate to Meriden Senior Center, Women & Family Center and Shelter Now.

"So far we have coats, hats, ear warmers, gloves and socks," said City of Meriden Recreation Coordinator City of Meriden Kathy Matula.

“Especially at this time of the year, there’s so much giving and people do love to donate and give and everybody has a very big heart and love to be generous and do as much as they can,” Matula said.

And as the runners returned, they said just doing this event alone gives them hope for a great new year.

“If we try to be better with everything we’re doing, we try to be healthy and try to stay positive, we’re going to be alright,” added Destefano.

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