Sailboat Fire in Branford Harbor

John Algozzine, of New York, and some friends were onboard a boat heading back to New York on Tuesday morning when it exploded in Branford Harbor.

Algozzine said he and his friend were making coffee on the 30-foot sailboat when there was a sudden loud boom.  

"The engine started to rev up real high," he said. "Evidently there was a propane leak into the engine compartment."

They immediately took action to stay safe.

"We dropped the anchor, got on the dingy; we tied a line and let ourselves off the back of the boat, so we could stay out of the fumes," Algozzine said.

Firefighters received dozens of emergency calls about the explosion.

“When we got there, the boat was fully involved with fire,” Captain Michael Stackpole, of the Branford Fire Department, said.

The sailboat was brought back to land and will be inspected.

Algozzine said his friend who owns the boat has an idea on how the blaze started.

"Guess he got some work done. He never used the stove, so it could've been worse," Algozzine said.

No one was hurt in the explosion and the fire marshal will investigate

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