Sanders-Malloy Dispute Won't Divide Party: CT Democratic Chairman

The Chairman of the Connecticut Democratic Party said Thursday that a disagreement between Governor Dannel Malloy and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won't have any lasting impact on the party or the fall election.

“Governor Malloy is tough and he’s going to fight for what he believes and he’s going to take into consideration and put a good platform together so we can work together to defeat Donald Trump in November," Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto told NBC Connecticut.

According to a report in Politico that detailed the past few weeks of the Sanders campaign, the dispute between Sanders and Malloy stems from comments the governor made about the Vermont Independent while he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

He remarked that because of Sanders' record on guns and gun control, that he had, "blood on his hands."

Malloy sits on the platform committee for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer and Sanders wants him removed for his comments, according to the Politico report.

A spokesman said Malloy wouldn't comment on the issue.

Balletto said he sees the dispute fading away as Democrats work to unite ahead of the Fall election against Donald Trump. He said focusing on what Democrats share rather than what they don't isn't helpful.

“There’s no common ground between our party and Donald Trump. He represents everything that’s evil in this country and wrong in this country and the Democrats are fighting hard for people and what they believe in," he said.

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