Scammed By Claims A Sick Man Needed Help

They placed canisters around Trumbull asking for donations to help a sick man. What residents didn’t know they were being scammed. 

On Tuesday, Trumbull police arrested of Stephen Bacchiocchi, 36, of Ansonia, and Christine Joyce Stover-Cullen, 41, of Trumbull, on outstanding larceny arrest warrants.
Police say Bacchiocchi and Stover-Cullen placed canisters at several local businesses requesting donations for an illness suffered by Bacchiocchi.
The canisters were collected and both suspects provided false documentation and stories about Bacchiocchi’s condition. Trumbull police say in one instance the duo accepted and cashed a $500 check from a sympathetic and generous Trumbull resident.
Both Bacchiocchi and Stover-Cullen were charged with larceny 4th degree and conspiracy to commit larceny 4th degree. Bacchiocchi faces even more charges including forgery 2nd degree and conspiracy to commit forgery 2nd degree. Bonds were set at $50,00 for each.
This isn't Bacchiocchi's first run-in with the law.  Trumbull police say in February he was arrested in Fairfield.
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