Shoreline Communities Deal with Aftermath of Flooding, Blowing Snow

Shoreline communities were faced with vigorous winds, blowing snow and flooding during the blizzard on Thursday, which made the cleanup a messy one for many.

David Vincent spent Friday chipping away the ice on his driveway on Old Mail Trail in Westbrook.

"It’s frozen, solid saltwater and when it freezes it’s tough to get off. It’s a lot more work than usual snow," Vincent said.

Water from the Long Island Sound washed up and flooded Vincent's street and part of Menunketesuck Road on Thursday.

The flooding is nothing new during a big storm, but it was so cold and the tide was so high that it pushed pieces of ice up and down the road. It’s something several neighbors said they’ve never seen before.

On Friday, a lot of the ice and flooding was left over and residents are trying to get to it before the temperatures get even colder.

"We’ve had some crazy flooding and snow but never the combination of as much snow and wind- at least in my lifetime," Vincent said.

Heavy winds weaved layers of snow onto Grove Beach Point. The waves lapped up, creating a slushy ice on the shore.

Dale Clark was fighting blowing snow on Shennecossett Road in Groton. He cleared his entire driveway after the snow stopped on Thursday, but at some parts, he had a foot of snow that piled up again the next morning.

"It doesn’t stop. Once I clear it away, the wind just blows it right back," Clark said.

It was his dad’s 90th birthday party Friday, so he needed a cleared walkway, but keeping at it was tough.

"The wind is just too much right now. It’s freezing my face up," Clark said.

Old Saybrook police said Bliss Street was flooded with up to three feet of water on Friday morning.

The water created a very inconvenient situation for Heather Kuang and her family who live there because her dad needed to go to the doctor.

"We couldn’t get the car out. We walked across the water with boots and then we ordered an Uber. We waited for 20 minutes," Kuang said.

Old Saybrook Police Chief Michael Spera said by Friday afternoon, the flooding was all under control and the areas that took in water are prone to that.

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