Ski Report: Ski Sundown Senior Winter Games

Proof that you're only as old as you feel - skiers and snowboarders alike were gunning for the gold at the Ski Sundown Senior Winter Games.

"I'm sure I'll get a gold medal," exclaimed Joe Carey. "I'm the only one in my age category!"

Joe Carey is 93 years young, and still racing down the slopes.

"The thrill when you're going fast it gives to quite the thrill. It gives you the need for speed," said Carey.

But for Carey, and many skiers at the Senior Winter Games, it's about more than just a medal, it's about the camaraderie. And that's what keeps Carey competing year after year.

"If it wasn't like," Carey said, "then I wouldn't be motivated to keep coming out here after all these years."

"It’s more than just skiing a sport," said Rob Dexter. "It's skiing a passionate lifetime event and so we see people that we've seen for years and years and we have a great time with it."

The games include a downhill race, a slalom race, and even a snowshoe portion, and it's all in friendly competition.

"It's fun and it's challenging," said Carol Sweeney, "It's the whole bowl of wax."

"When you're over the hill, you pick up speed," explained Pat Moore. "And I figure if you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room."

So get out this weekend, and enjoy the slopes! Northern New England will have spring-like conditions with sunshine and temperatures in the 40s, Southern New England will be colder in the 30s. 

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