Roof to Snow Jump Filmed from Inside Firehouse: Chief

jumping off roof1
A video posted to YouTube that shows young men jumping into snow banks from the roof of a building across the street from the Frog Hollow Fire Station has caught the attention of the Hartford Fire Chief because it was recorded from inside his fire house, he said.
The video that shows young men jumping more than 30 feet into the giant snowbank was taken from a second floor window of the firehouse on Park and Affleck streets, according to Fire Chief Ed Casares,  and he is not happy about it.
"I kind of recognized where it came from and was concerned with the subject matter," he said.  
Those responsible for the recording can be heard cheering on the jumpers and laughing instead of stopping them like they should, according to the chief. 
"It's bad judgment," said Casares, who added that an investigation was pending
Casares could not provide details on the investigation, but he said the firefighters might have felt unsafe intervening, based on what happened before and after the video was taken. 
He did not want the public to rush to judgment based the short YouTube video, or doubt the Hartford Fire Department.
"We have proved over the weekend, over the past 4 days, what we do day-in and day-out," he said.
No firefighters has yet to be disciplined.
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