South Windsor

South Windsor Kid Beats Cancer and Celebrates With Snow Monster

A special little boy celebrated a big milestone over the weekend.

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Nolan McCann is one of NBC Connecticut’s favorite kids! He and his family have been a part of our blood drives held with the Red Cross since his diagnosis with cancer, before he even turned 2. 

Nolan at a Red Cross Blood Drive

But Nolan no longer requires blood transfusions and has now finished chemotherapy. This fighter beat cancer.

The 5-year-old has been living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since he was 21 months old.

"It's not always won but when it is it's such a victory,” says Nolan’s mother, Rachel McCann.  “So we, you know, our heart hurts for people that don't win the disease or beat the disease. But I think when you can have a victory it's such a beautiful thing to celebrate."

"It was so weird to not have to give him the meds before we brushed his teeth,” said Nolan’s dad, Dan McCann.  “It was just like wait a minute, somethings not right."

It's a change of routine the McCanns have welcomed with open arms. A car parade celebration featuring family, friends and even a few special guests marked the occasion.

"It was such a beautiful celebration because it was just like the fire trucks and the car kept coming and the Snow Monster,” explained Rachel.  “You know people were handing him balloons and gifts and things that we just didn't expect."

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