Thea Digiammerino

Southington Considers Ban on Candy Cigarettes

The town of Southington is considering banning candy cigarettes from sale.

Students who are part of a tobacco prevention work group suggested the ban after learning they’re sold at the Apple Festival. They worry that the candy could give young children a positive perception of smoking real cigarettes.

The ban was proposed to the town’s ordinance review committee, who voted to pitch the idea to the Town Council. Now officials are now considering an ordinance that would fine anyone who sells the candy. The proposal is still early in the process, and the next step is to work on what the ordinance would entail and how it would be enforced.

But some people think a ban is excessive.

“I ate them as a kid. I don't smoke cigarettes,” said Watertown resident Jeff Guertin. “I think it's absurd. It's just more things that they're taking away from us,” he added.

Several councilors applauded the efforts of the student group. While some support the proposal, others feel it’s an overreach and an overreaction.

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