State Police Dispatcher Suffers Stroke, Needs Home Chair Lift Installed

A Connecticut state police dispatcher who suffered from a stroke needs help raising funds for a home chair lift.

Nancy was recently undergoing knee surgery when she had a stroke that impacted the left side of her body so severely she is unable to speak clearly or drive a car. 

Nancy, who is 56 years old, has had Lupus for 29 years and was diagnosed with epilepsy which has caused her to have two seizures so far, according to her GoFundMe page. 

Right now, Nancy can't work as a dispatcher and she uses a walker as she goes through physical therapy.

As Nancy works to regain her motor functions in her body, her residence has 16 steps that make it difficult for her to get around.

Her GoFundMe account said its goal for the chair lift installation is $12,000. 

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