State Police Patrol Troopers to Begin Wearing Body Cameras

Connecticut State Police patrol troopers will begin wearing body cameras this summer.

The department has purchased 800 body cameras to equip troopers, in part with help from $895,000 in US Department of Justice grant funding.

“We believe equipping all of our troopers on patrol with body-worn camera equipment will contribute to our conversations with everyone we encounter, strengthen troopers’ relationships with their communities, and through the feedback that the cameras provide, support and sustain our steadfast commitment towards continuous improvement,” said Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) Dora Schriro in a statement.

Troop H-Hartford and Troop I-Bethany will be the first to receive the cameras. DESPP said they hope to have all troopers equipped by spring 2019.

The cameras will integrate into dashboard camera equipment already used in patrol vehicles, and will work with existing department infrastructure in terms of software, storage, networking and connectivity needs.

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