State Rep. Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Rep. George Wilbur Reportedly Had Relationship with a Woman When She was a Child during the 1970s.

Three-term Rep. George Wilber (D-Colebrook) is resigning from the General Assembly after revelations he paid a woman to avoid embarrassing allegations they had a sexual relationship when she was a child.

Wilber, 63, is in poor health and awaiting a kidney transplant.

"To tell you the truth, he's a dying man," his son, Duncan Wilber, said at the family's dairy farm in Colebrook. 

He said his father was at the hospital Tuesday and is resigning because of his health.

 Whatever happened between the woman and his father happened before Duncan Wilber was born, he said.

Wilber reportedly paid $100,000 to the woman three years ago in return for an agreement not to sue him.  The woman is reportedly 47 years old, the relationship took place in the 1970s.

Wilber's name remains on the election ballot for Nov. 4. His opponent is John Rigby, a Republican from Colebrook.

Wilber is a former state agriculture commissioner and longtime first selectman of Colebrook.

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