Storm Damage Extensive on Burns Avenue in Enfield

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There was a lot of damage from Thursday night’s thunderstorms on Burns Avenue in Enfield. A very large tree trunk snapped off at the base of the tree and it landed on a car in a driveway.

Across the street, the same thing happened to the Mangus family.

A tree trunk broke off a different tree. It sent limbs, leaves and wires down onto the Mangus’ family porch and on top of two cars in their driveway, including their brand new 2022 Honda Odyssey.

“We just got it two months ago. And I think there’s a lot of roof damage, the front windshield is broken, the front hood is damaged. I’m not sure if it’s totaled or not yet and there’s another car under that one. So we lost two cars probably,” Kelly Mangus said.

Mangus was home at the time and said it wasn’t consistently windy, but there were several big gusts of wind and she and her kids watched the tree fall.

“They were all running around, the dogs jumping, screaming carrying on, they’re crying and everything because it was upsetting, exciting. They’re worried. My 15-year-old daughter says we can’t stay here, we can’t stay here, I can’t charge my phone. Haha. So that was her biggest worry,” said Mangus.

Her oldest daughter, Aaliyah, was at work and came home after the storm ended. She saw the damage not only to her house, but also to the entire street, where more tree limbs and wires came down and blocked the road.

Aaliyah’s car was also under a tree in the driveway.

“I cried. It was so sad to just see it like this because I’ve never seen my home look like that before,” said Aaliyah Mangus.

They lost power and will probably have to toss the food in all three of their refrigerators. But, Mangus said, thankfully they have insurance and no one was hurt.

Also in Enfield, Eversource crews were working to fix downed power lines on Route 5 near the entrance to the high school.

There was also a health and rehab center that lost power and its backup generator and had to bring in ambulances to help patients that relied on oxygen.

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