Stranded Dolphin in West River Unable to Be Saved

A dolphin stranded in the banks of the West River has died after attempts to save the animals life, an animal shelter said. 

"We had an unusual call today of a dolphin stranded," Guilford Police Animal Shelter said on Facebook. 

According to the shelter, Mystic Aquarium volunteers and veterinarians responded but the stranded dolphin was "too far gone" to be saved. 

Veterinarians suspect the juvenile Pacific white-sided dolphin was separated from his mother too soon, the animal shelter said. The dolphin was very ill when he was found. 

While it is not uncommon to find dolphins in the river, the animal shelter said it is rare to see this specific species of dolphin, Guilford's animal shelter wrote on a Facebook comment. 

Officials hope they can more learn about illnesses plaguing wild marine life in the area. 

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