Stratford Man Questions Slippery Situation At His Storage Facility

Dale Betts said after a snowstorm ice prevents him from going in and out of his storage units in West Haven, but it's not clear who is responsible for removal.

Dale Betts of Stratford keeps a watchful eye on the weather reports. If there’s snow and ice, he worries about more than just the hazardous roadways, like what he will find at his storage facility.

Betts said after a snowstorm ice prevents him from going in and out of his units in West Haven.

“I think it’s dangerous,” said Betts.

Betts showed NBC Connecticut Responds pictures of the ice blocking part of the entrance into the storage facility. He calls it a safety risk.

“There was all ice on the ground and I was afraid I was going to break my neck,” said Betts.

After a snowfall, Betts said he noticed that the pavement was plowed, except for the area in front of his two units. But if the temperatures dip, that’s when he sees the ice form.

“It’s very unnerving. It is because it’s just a liability,” said Betts.

Betts rented the storage units four months ago to protect his $3,000 14-foot kayaks. He said he started to notice a problem with the snow removal after the first weather event.

He told NBC Connecticut Responds he complained to customer service multiple times on the phone and in person to find out who’s responsible for the snow removal.

According to Betts, he received a call from the district manager saying she wanted to offer him an indoor storage unit. He mentioned to her that an indoor unit wouldn’t work for his 14-foot canoes. She went on to say that the company plowed and salted the area, just not all the way up to the unit.

We looked into Betts’ contract and didn’t find any language in the documents or on the company’s website stating the snow removal responsibility in front of the units.

NBC Connecticut Responds reached out to the storage’s corporate office multiple times through email and phone messages. We’re still waiting to hear back.

So, what can you do, so you don’t find yourself in a situation like Betts?

Here are some general rules you should consider before renting a storage unit:

  • Check out a few facilities before deciding on one.
  • Ask how they maintain the grounds in the summer and winter.
  • Ask if the renter has any responsibilities.
  • Inquire about temperature control, access to the unit, and how they will keep your belongings secure.
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