‘Super Lice' Make Their Way Into Connecticut

What researchers are referring to as “Super Lice” have been found in at least 25 states, including in Connecticut.

Researchers studying head lice have determined some lice are becoming immune to the chemicals in most over-the-counter drugs designed to treat them.

Liz Solovay, founder of The Lice Treatment Center, lice is now an issue for people of every age, not just school children, because of super lice.

“We treat more college students, more seniors than ever before. All ages get lice now,” she said.
The efficacy rate of over-the-counter drugs has decreased dramatically as lice have evolved, Solovay said.

She sells her own line of natural, nontoxic preventive and treatment products at the Lice Treatment Center, which sees thousands of clients each year.

To prevent coming down with a case of super lice, Solovay recommends:

  • Check hair for lice weekly, regardless of age.
  • Never share hats, combs or anything that comes into regular contact with the hair.
  • Treat hair with preventive products
  • If you have lice, tell the people you are around so they can take precautions.
  • Children should take their own pillow and head cover with them when sleeping over at someone else’s home.

Learn more at the Lice Treatment Center.

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