Superheroes Take Over Connecticut Children's For the Ninth Year in a Row

The visits happen every year on National Superhero Day.

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After two years of virtual superhero meet and greets, Connecticut Children's welcomed superheroes back into the building Thursday to visit kids suffering from illness.

The superheroes went room to room to visit patients and take pictures.

The visits happen every year on National Superhero Day. The last two years forced the annual tradition to go virtual.

Patients are happy to meet the superheroes in person for the first time, in a long time.

"It gets kids to like forget the reason why they're here," said patient Giana Gouveia.

It's what these kids need at Connecticut Children's.

Some of them are undergoing surgeries while others are facing cancer treatments. Supergirl, Batman and Wonder Woman united to form the ultimate dream team.

They said their goal is making the dreams of these kids and even their parents come true.

"I appreciate it because with COVID, some kids didn't get this opportunity, and it makes kids feel comfortable," Gouveia said.

"It's nice for a parent to see their kid smile even though they're going through something," her mom, Gabrielle Ortiz, said.

Katie Robbins, a child life specialist at Connecticut Children's said it's good to have some normalcy back in the hospital.

"It brings a sense of normalcy back into the hospital after the last two years where we've had to go virtual and we've had to have everything on a screen," Robbins said.

But it's not just the kids and parents who enjoy the day.

Kate Slomkowski, also known as Supergirl, said, "...My favorite part? Probably meeting all the kids who are amazing. I love seeing their superhero outfits and asking them what their favorite superpower is. They're the true superheroes for sure."

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