Talk Can Be Cheap

How to save money when you pick up your phone

Apparently, talk isn't always cheap but there are ways for people in Connecticut to reach out and touch someone while saving some cold hard cash
Top Talk Tips:


Skype? It's a way to use the Internet to "call" and talk to other Skype users for free. Yes, free. Your friends can be right next door or across the globe.

Teachers at Calvin Leete Elementary School in Guilford use it to learn.

"Skype is in 28 languages. It's in almost every country. It's fabulous, we're connecting all over the world and the kids are actually seeing how small the world really is," said Teresa Garceau, who runs the library.
All you need to talk is for your computer to have a built-in microphone, speakers and, of course, an Internet connection. If you want to see each other right on your monitor, you also need a camera on your computer.

Skype User Jason Basso uses it to keep in touch with his family in Stratford and he said it's easy.

"Basically, just Google Skype, download it, install it. It literally took me 10 seconds to figure out," he said.
What if you want to call a friend who doesn't have Skype? You can still call but you'll need a monthly subscription. That costs anywhere between $3 and $10, still way below what you'd pay monthly for a landline.
What's the catch? You can't make emergency phone calls on Skype, so don't cancel your landline or cell just yet. Plus walking around with a laptop might not be as easy as walking around with your cell or a cordless phone. 

Total savings could be anywhere from $150 to hundreds of dollars a year.

Cut the Cord

Another way to cut your phone bills is to cut the cord. If you use your cell phone for practically all your calls anyway, one way to save cash is to drop your landline. Mike Murak, of East Hartford, said he took us up on this tip a few months ago.

Total savings should be between $20 and $50 a month.

Hang up on 411

Need some information? To save a buck fifty a pop, stop calling 411 or 555-1212 for directory assistance.

You can text Google to get info for free. Let's say you're looking for the nearest Dunkin Donuts, text "Dunkin Donuts” and your zip code to 46645 (it spells GOOGL) and it will tell you where the nearest ones are within seconds. 

Total savings = between $1.50 and $2 per a call.

Call the Company

Lastly, speak up before you give up. If you don't like your cell or landline bill, call the company.

Often you can haggle your way to a better deal. I called AT&T, and found out I was paying for 900 minutes a month, when I normally use about half that. I changed my plan.

 Total Savings = $20 a month

 So, the next time you pick up your phone to call someone, think about these money-saving tips. Happy calling!

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