Taxi Thief Strikes Woman Walking on Sidewalk

The driver hit a woman and several cars in Stamford

A woman who was walking on a Stamford sidewalk is in life-threatening condition after a taxicab thief drove up on the sidewalk and "sideswiped" her.

The out-of-control driver had stolen the cab from Norwalk Taxi in Norwalk at some point on Thursday night, police said, and the situation turned from a car theft into something much more serious just before 6:45 p.m. when the driver hit a car that was stopped behind several other cars at a traffic light at West Main Street, police said.

In an apparent attempt to get away, the driver backed up and drove on the sidewalk, where he or she hit a fire hydrant before hitting a 48-year-old Stamford woman who was walking on the sidewalk.

Then, driver got out of the taxi and ran but left the taxi in gear and it struck another car, head-on.

The woman was the only one hurt and police are looking for anyone who might be able to help identify whoever was driving the stolen car.   

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