Sauza Tequila Calls on Bristol Residents to Fight Rooster Ban

Sauza Tequila will stop at nothing to defend the honor of its mascot, the rooster.

The tequila maker is calling on Bristol residents to fight a proposal that would ban roosters in residential areas of the city.

The ban, first proposed and quickly scrapped in 2013, is apparently back on the table. According to a spokesperson for Sauza, the rooster ordinance has secured a spot on the agenda at next Tuesday's Bristol City Council meeting.

Sauza has written a letter to city councilmembers urging them to reconsider.

"We, among the many who celebrate the rooster, must advocate for an alternative solution in favor of the animal's survival," Sauza wrote in an email to NBC Connecticut on Tuesday.

According to the email, the father of Sauza Tequila handpicked the rooster to serve as the brand's mascot. "El Gallo" has also been part of the company's crest since 1873.

"The rooster represents courage, passion and perseverance – three traits that helped make the brand what it is today," a Sauza spokesperson said.

Sauza is enlisting city residents to support its cause.

"On behalf of Sauza® Tequila, the residents of Bristol and roosters everywhere, we are asking you to help encourage the Bristol City Council to consider alternatives to banning this brilliant creature," the spokesperson wrote.

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