‘This Isn't the Peter That I Know:' Manfredonia Friend Looking For Answers

A fellow UConnstudent who says Peter Manfredonia was like a brother to her wants her friend's family to know they aren't alone.

Connecticut State Police/Pennsylvania State Police

What to Know

  • The manhunt for 23-year-old UConn student Peter Manfredonia is continuing across several states. Manfredonia is a suspect in two murders, a home invasion and an abduction in Connecticut on Friday and Saturday.
  • His family, through an attorney, urged him to surrender. Police released a tip line number is 203-503-5555.
  • He was last spotted at a Sheetz location in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Police say he likely does not have a vehicle and may continue using ride-sharing services

As investigators from the FBI and several states try to find 23-year-old homicide suspect Peter Manfredonia, people close to him are still trying to understand.

NBC Connecticut spoke with a friend who says Manfredonia was like a brother to her.

“Never in a million years would I have thought he’s a danger to someone else,” she said, wishing to remain anonymous.

Manfredonia was seen leaving the scene of a brutal attack, leaving Ted DeMers of Willington dead and another man seriously injured.  He is also accused of a home invasion in Willington Sunday where police say he stole guns and then drove to Derby where he killed 23-year-old Nick Eisele.

Manfredonia’s friend says the two met on her first day at UConn five years ago. They found comfort with each other as they shared similar mental health struggles. According to family attorney Michael Dolan, Manfredonia had been treated for depression for at least five years.

“I’ve held him while he’s cried,” said the friend, still trying to process what happened. “Like I can’t, I don’t understand. This isn’t the Peter that I know.”

Wednesday this friend was planning to drive back to campus where she hoped to find Manfredonia’s dog, a Husky named Vail.  She says the dog has been missing since last week.

While investigators continue their search from Connecticut to Maryland, this friend says she has tried to contact Manfredonia.

“I left a message as late as yesterday just hoping there would be a voicemail,” she said, “So I could hear his voice.”

This friend also acknowledged, what Peter Manfredonia is accused of doing are terrible acts. She says she cannot defend his actions and her heart breaks for the victims. She now joins Manfredonia’s family pleading for him to surrender.

“He is somebody that I love,” she said. “You don’t give up on family and I know his family isn’t giving up on him.”

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