Timeline of Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Connecticut state's attorney released a report Monday on the investigation of the massacre in December at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, which killed 20 children and six women. The report provides this timeline of events.

9:30 a.m.: A parent arrives at Sandy Hook Elementary School for a holiday gingerbread event and is buzzed through the locked front doors.

9:34 a.m.: The first gunshots are heard. Witness later reports hearing about 15 shots.

9:35 a.m.: A parent arrives at school and notices nine children running down the sidewalk.

9:35:39 a.m.: First 911 call received. Caller says she saw shooter. Call is placed from school nurse's office.

9:35:56 a.m.: Newtown police are informed of shooting. Over the next minute, several officers head toward school.

9:36 a.m.: Unidentified witness arrives at school, sees front window shot out and hears gunfire. She and another woman take shelter behind a trash receptacle and call 911.

9:37:38 a.m.: State Police dispatch advises units of shooter, and units head to school.

9:39 a.m.: Newtown police officer arrives behind school. Seconds later, two more officers arrive and park in driveway. Gunshots are heard in background. Several more will arrive within next few minutes.

9:40 a.m.: Final gunshot is heard, believed to be Lanza's final suicide shot.

9:41 a.m.: Officer detains individual near school playground; police advised to be aware of possibility of second shooter.

9:42 a.m.: Officer radios license plate on vehicle parked in fire lane.

9:44 a.m.: Three officers enter through boiler room and make way to lobby.

9:45 a.m.: Bodies of two victims found. Officer radios for assistance: "OK, I need units in the front of the school. I've got bodies here. Let's get ambulances."

9:46 a.m.: Officers enter front of school.

9:47 a.m.: Police set up perimeter around school and soon begin evacuating children.

9:51 a.m.: Police find Lanza's body.

10:10 a.m.: State Police sergeant radios dispatch, "We have multiple, in the double digits, of death here ... so it's not good ... we have, we're still clearing rooms ... we have one suspect ... one suspect down ... deceased."

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